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Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Kilogram

Providing you the best range of Multi layer Grow Bags UV Blocked with effective & timely delivery.

UV blocked grow bags are value for money, Multilayer formation helps in retaining soil temprature and longer shelf life thus better returns for farmer.

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Cardboard Boxes


MOQ : 130 Kg

Available with holes too, Modify the effect of the local climate,Promotes faster crop development, Light in weight, Better shelf life, value for money, High tear resistance also available with 1inch circular holes.


Minimum Order Quantity: 140 Kilogram

We are the leading provider of Mulching Film. The concept of covering the soil around the crops with various organic matter has been around for ages. The progression into polyethylene film has increased yields due to the drastically improved moisture retention, weed control and temperature management. Polyethylene's impermeability halts the direct evaporation of precious moisture in the soil.

Features:Prevents soil erosion, Manipulate light, temperature and moisture. Protects the crops from insects. Warm the soil for optimum growth of cropsUV resistant


Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: with in 5 working days


antistatic bag.jpg
Cardboard Boxes


MOQ : 500 Sq. Mts.

UV Blocked Multilayered Grow beds is a solution to have more space in existing space, farmers are utilizing vertical space with the help of Grow beds, Partition plates helps in allocating space to each plant.Helps in further reduction in water requirement due to moisture retention properties.